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           TeRa-NiSeR ToTeMs 

Growing up in Ghana, totems were a large part of the physical symbology that was passed down to us from our ancestors. Ghana as well as many cultures across the world have their own totems embedded in their history through artifacts and story telling. These totems possess spirits of animals, plants and various other entities associated with those ancestors. 

I have always been intrigued by ancient mythical artifacts and have found their relevance to the human story fascinating. Tera-Niser has become my creative interpretation to one aspect of our human history, modern art and its spiritual symbology as a way to connect the past to the present. With the use of resin and vibrant color pigments, each piece has a unique mystical reverence about it. 

In the words of renowned photographer Stephen Shore, “the choices we make in our work do not come from us, they arise from the work itself and have lives of their own…you cannot force these choices, yours is to become open, attuned and responsive to them”. In many ways I feel each totem carries me through the same process Stephen Shore talks about, I become the vessel in which these mystical beings come to life. 

For a full preview of all the pieces featured in the collection visit Park Hyatt New York's Avenue Gallery and The Living Room lounge.

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