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Artist Bio

Jeffrey is a self taught contemporary abstract artist who lives and works in New York.

Originally from Accra, Ghana, he grew up surrounded by art in various forms ranging from sculpture, dance, visual arts and even language as an art form. He had a keen interest in craft and drawing/ painting but did not follow it up with a formal education in fine arts.

Jeffrey studied sociology and psychology at the University of Ghana and later at the Institute of Science and Technology in New York where he studied hospitality management.

After over a decade in the hospitality industry he finally got back to his roots in visual arts/ paintings and is slowly becoming a force in the new school modern abstract art scene.

Jeffrey’s style is influenced by his early exposure to modern abstract art. He is also heavily influenced by movement in nature, space and geometry. His use of metallics and vibrant colors is all a reflection of his personal interpretation of new school modern abstract. 

In the words of the artist.....‘Abstract art has a funny way of tricking and stimulating the mind, you always see something different each time you look at it and that is fascinating to me’.