E D I F I C E- Fall Collection. Sept. 16 - Nov. 30, 2021

Inspired by New York City’s skyline, Edifice is an abstract interpretation of the city’s incredible scapes.

When Covid-19 shutdown the city, NYC became a ghost town. Jeffrey, a motorcycle enthusiast, took to the empty streets to reflect. At a red light on the westside highway he was overwhelmed by how much the city’s skyline had changed. Jeffrey was on a path to creating a collection of abstract masterpieces inspired by the city’s skyline. Edifice was born and has become arguably his most recognizable work. The fall edition on display in the Avenue Gallery of Park Hyatt New York highlights the artist’s use of metallics and other colors in a black and white abstract expression of NYC in the fall. In the words of the artist, “Edifice aims to capture that red light moment when you gaze up towards the horizon to engage with this beautiful city we all love”. 

Visit Park Hyatt New York's Avenue Gallery for a complete viewing of the fall collection and a chance to meet the artist.

FC- Nº 3, 2021
FC- Nº 1, 2021
FC- Nº 10, 2021
FC- Nº 5
FC- Nº 3, 2021
FC Nº 6, 2021
FC- Nº 9, 2021
FC- Nº 12, 2021
FC- Nº 8, 2021
FC- Nº 7, 2021
FC- Nº 19, 2021
FC-Nº 20, 2021