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The Story Behind S a n k o f a

Sankofa is an Akan/Twi word and symbol originating from Ghana that represents the idea of fetching wisdom and learning from the past to create a better present and future. Sankofa is part a collection of symbols known as Adinkra. 


The Sankofa art collection is a cohesive and visually mesmerizing compilation of modern abstract art and Ghanaian cloth prints that pays homage to the past while expressing the creativity of the artist. Through the use of rich Ghanaian prints and themes, the artist showcases his connection to his Ghanaian heritage, while simultaneously representing an important cultural bridge between traditional African art and modern abstract expressionism. Each piece is a visual depiction of the artists life and experience showing the intricate connection between art and culture. 


The collection’s excellence lies in how it represents a synthesis of tradition, roots, innovation and modernism. By blending the two art forms, the artist has created a memorable collage of paintings that is original, unique and cohesive. Through the Sankofa collection, the artist showcases his skill, creativity and innovative streak while also giving voice to his heritage. The collection is a must-see spiritual journey into one-of-a-kind African art that reflects the conglomeration of various contemporary styles and design. Sankofa is a thought-provoking and visually captivating exploration of the intersection between art, tradition and innovation. 


In the artists own words “My goal with this collection is to express my unique vision of creativity, thus further strengthening my connection between my love of abstract art and my African heritage. 

Currently in Exhibition at Park Hyatt New York's Avenue Gallery & The Living Room

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